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The table below lists researchers and students who worked in the Stanford GPS Lab over the years.

Where known, the table displays the current or last known organization where the alum worked as well as their position in that organization.

For former graduate students, the last column of the table displays their thesis advisor, their year of graduation and the status of their thesis.

N/A indicates that information is not available for that item.

 Name Organization & Position Advisor, Grad Yr & Thesis Email
Eric Abbott L3 Communications, Engineer Powell, 1997, Y  
Santiago Alban Apple, Controls Engineer Rock, 2004, Y  
Keith Alter Boeing, Test Engineer Powell, 2000, Y  
Sarah Atwater U.S. Navy, Naval Aviator Enge, 2005, MS  
Penina Axelrad University of Colorado Boulder, Professor Parkinson, 1990, Y  
Andrew Barrows Stanford University, Consulting Professor Powell, 2000, Y  
Frank Bauregger Novariant, N/A Enge, 2003, Y  
Thomas Bell Lockheed Martin, Systems Engineer Parkinson, 1999, Y  
David Bevly Auburn University, Professor Parkinson, 2001, Y
Juan Blanch GPS Lab, Stanford University, Senior Research Engineer Enge, 2003, Y
C. O. Lee Boyce Google, Hardware Engineer Powell, 2007, Y  
Kjetl Breivik N/A, N/A Enge, N/A, MS  
Wyant So Chan Analog Product Manager, Marvell Enge, 2001, Eng  
Y.C. Chao TeleNav, Co-founder Parkinson, 1997, Y  
Aubrey Chen N/A, N/A Enge, N/A, MS  
Tsung-Yu Chiou MediaTek USA Inc., Manager, Advanced Communication Technology Division Enge, 2010, Y  
Jun Choi Broadcom, Navigation Software Engineer Enge, 2014, Eng  
Jock Christie San Domenico School, AP Physics Teacher Parkinson, N/A,   
Stewart Cobb Satelles, N/A Parkinson, 1997, Y
Clark Cohen PNT Holdings, Inc., Chairman Parkinson, 1992, Y  
Donghai Dai mapbar, CTO, Founder Enge, 2001, Y  
Seebany Datta-Barua Illinois Institute of Technology, Professor Enge, 2008, Y  
David DeLorenzo Athentek, Sr. Technical Director Enge, 2007, Y  
Juyong Do Qualcom, Engineer Enge, 2007, Y
Gabriel Elkaim University of California, Santa Cruz, Professor Parkinson, 2001, Y
Alexandru Ene DLR, N/A Powell, 2009, Y  
Richard Fuller OmniTrail Technologies, Microlocation Lead Enge, 2000, Y  
Grace Gao University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Professor Enge, 2008, Y  
Jenny Gautier The Aerospace Corporation, Systems Director of Commercial Applications Parkinson, 2003, Y  
Ran Gazit Rafael (Israel), Engineer Powell, 1996, Y  
Demoz Gebre-Egziabher University of Minnesota, Professor Powell, 2004, Y
Scott Giles U.S. Navy, Naval Aviator Enge, 2005, MS  
Konstantin Gromov Google, Engineer Parkinson, 2002, Y
Kazuma Gunning Ph.D. Candidate, GPS Lab, Stanford University Enge, 2013, MS  
Andrew Hansen FAA Volpe, Engineer Enge, 2002, Y
Roger Hayward GeoTrax, President & founder Powell, N/A, N  
Liang Heng Baidu, Software Architect Lead, Autonomous Vehicle Enge, 2012, Y  
Wendy Holforty NASA Ames Research Center, Aerospace Engineer Powell, 2003, Y  
Sharon Houck N/A, N/A Powell, 2001, Y  
Shau-Shiun Jan National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, Professor Enge, 2003, Y
Matt Jardin Blue Origin, Simulation Engineer Rock, 2003, Y  
Chad Jennings Google, Product Manager Powell, 2003, Y  
Jaewoo Jung Trimble Navigation, Engineer Enge, 2000, Y  
Changdon Kee Seoul National University, Professor Parkinson, 1993, Y
Eui-Ho Kim Breaking the Walls Research and Consulting, Chief Research Engineer Powell, 2007, Y  
Ung-Suok Kim Lam Research Corporation, Manager, Engineering, Supplier Materials & Technology Enge, 2007, Y  
Ping-Ya Ko N/A, N/A Powell, 2000, Y  
Michael Koenig CSR, Principal Engineer Enge, 2010, Y
Hiroyuki Konno Topcon Positioning Systems, Mobile Mapping Engineering Manager Enge, 2007, Y  
David Lawrence iKare, Senior Satellite Navigation Engineer Parkinson, 1996, Y  
Wei Lee USAF Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, Weapons Integration Engineer Enge, 2013, MS
Jiyun Lee Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Professor Enge, 2005, Y  
Glenn Lightsey University of Texas, Austin, Professor Parkinson, 1997, Y
Sherman Lo GPS Lab, Stanford University, Senior Research Engineer Enge, 2002, Y  
Ming Luo Stanford University, Program Manager, SOE China Programs Enge, 2003, Eng
Emily McMilin Facebook, Engineer Enge, 2016, Y  
Alexander Mitelman N/A, Consultant Enge, 2004, Y  
Paul Montgomery ICT, Director of Engineering Parkinson, 1996, Y  
Awele Ndili Ndili Technology, Founder Enge, 1998, Y  
Jon Nichols Google, Software Engineer Enge, N/A, MS  
Nusa Nusawardhana N/A, N/A Enge, N/A, Eng  
Michael O'Connor Satelles, CEO Parkinson, 1997, Y  
Eric Olsen Johns Hopkins APL, Engineer Howe, 1999, Y  
Guttorm Opshaug Qualcomm, Engineer Enge, 2003, Y
Young Shin Park Intel, GNSS Positioning Engineer Enge, N/A, N  
Uri Peled Rafael, N/A Powell, 1978, N  
Boris Pervan Illinois Institute of Technology, Professor Parkinson, 1996, Y
R. Eric Phelts GPS Lab, Stanford University, Research Engineer Enge, 2001, Y
Sam Pullen GPS Lab, Stanford University, Senior Research Engineer Parkinson, 1996, Y
Di Qiu Polaris, Research Engineer Enge, 2009, Y  
Matt Rabinowitz Natera, Founder and CEO Parkinson, 2000, Y  
Sriram Rajagopal Beceem, N/A Enge, 2004,   
Andrew Rekow John Deere, Engineer Parkinson, 2001, Y  
Jason Rife Tufts University, Assistant Professor N/A, N/A, Y  
Ben Segal Swift Navigation, GNSS Software Engineer Enge, 2013, MS  
Jiwon Seo Yonsei University, Korea, Professor Enge, 2010, Y
Jonathan Stone N/A, N/A Powell, N/A, N  
Harris Teague Qualcomm, Principal Engineer, Manager How, 1997, Y  
Yeou-Jyh Tsai MediaTek MTK, Taiwan, N/A Enge, 1999, Y  
Hiro Uematsu NASDA, Engineer Parkinson, 1993, Y  
Gabriel Wong DSO National Laboratories, Singapore, N/A Enge, 2014, Y  
Gang Xie CTO, BGT Enge, 2004, Y