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Content Not Available

The content you are seeking is no longer available on this website.

This new GPS Lab website was created in December 2016. It updates and modernizes the original GPS Lab website that was created in the mid 1990s on Stanford's WAAS server—thus the GPS Lab website's original URL:

The original GPS Lab website was updated and maintained through ~2014. From 2014 through 2016, primarily  the Publications and Resources sections of the site were kept up to date.

In 2016, during  the process of migrating the contents of the original GPS Lab website to this new, content-managed and mobile-responsive GPS Lab website that your are vieing now, a considerable amount of old and out of date content was purposely omitted.

Thus, if you bookmarked a page or link on the old GPS Lab website and you've reached this page, the content you were seeking is not available on this web site.

Accessing Content from the Original GPS Lab Website

All of the content in the original GPS Lab website has been preserved.

>> Click here to visit the old GPS website

To view the page you were seeking, try replacing at the beginning of the web page URL with

If you need further assistance accessing content from the old site, please contact any of the following people: